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Welcome to

The Barberspa

You walk into a barbershop with expections: good customer service, good cuts and a good experience. Why not get these from the comfort of your home? Our mobile service redefines the traditional grooming experience. We bring the barbershop to you in a briefcase. Get one of our signature cuts from the convenience of your residence. Services available for men, women, and children. Book an appointment today for your personal barbering experience.

Let us exceed your expectations.



13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jr provides a very professional mobile grooming services that gives the customer a barbershop experience in their homes. I’m very satisfied with the service and definitely would recommend him to anyone who hates waiting at the barbershop.

  2. I’ve been struggling trying to find a good barber my whole adult life, but now I don’t have that problem anymore thanks to the professionalism and amazing customer service from Jr the barber my son and myself stay with cleanest cut in every room that we walk into…thank you Jr for always hooking us up with the best haircuts!!! #DMVBestBarber

  3. junior service is unmatched. From punctual time to a quality cut. 2021 is the beginning for this young man! highly recommend.

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